Green Sun Natural Plant Medicine

Hand-Made not Machine-Made
Christopher Scipio personally makes each remedy by hand, in small batches, following the moon cycle, using the best quality herbs, following the greatest traditions in herbal medicine making.
The remedies are safe, effective and 100% natural.

Personal Medicine not Impersonal Medicine
Who makes your medicine and how it's made is just as important as what's in it.
Like the difference between a meal prepared by a master chef versus a frozen supermarket dinner.
From beginning to end, these remedies are made with love and integrity.
It's how herbal medicine used to be made and ought to be made.
Hand-made personal medicine produces the best healing herbal medicine has to offer.

A 60 Minute Phone Consultation

Red Marine Algae Sex Gel

The Holistic Protocol for Herpes

The HPV/Genital Warts/Cervical Dysplasia Protocol

The Milena Cold and Flu Remedy

In keeping with my principle of providing personal herbal medicine, I must have a phone consultation with you to ensure that I compound the appropriate formula for your individual situation and I can follow up with you to maintain continuity of care.




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