Marvel and DC Fan RPG - Moderate to Advanced Writing

Created and Moderated by Rel and Elena 

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Town Mayor: Lex Luthor
Sheriff: Steve Rogers
Chief Deputy: Natasha Romanoff


PAST: Oct 23rd - Nov 18th, 2016 (Back Posts)

NOW: Current Dates: Nov 19th - Nov 30th, 2016



10/27 - Wade Wilson has escaped McCoy Psychiatric hospital!

10/27- A body has been found outside of town (Laurel Lance's).

10/29 - Wade Wilson appears at Mayor's Halloween Party, escapes. 

11/8 - Change in weather, storm hits. Reality: Ororo Munroe broke up with T'Challa.

11/8 - There are shelters around town, one at Kent Farms, the other at Mayberry High gym. 

11/8 - Wade Wilson has a new face. 
Wanda Maximoff is making strange things happen. 

General: New evidence is found in the case of Laurel Lance's murder. Wade really didn't kill her. *Gasp* No way Jose! Where is Damien Fucking Darhk? What kind of stupid name is Darhk by the way? Can't just spell it "Dark"?

Also, what the fuck is Luthor up to? And if he gets a toupee, don't you think he'd semi-look like Donald trump? 

Over and out,
You're friendly neighborhood assassin



April 3rd, 2017 (OOC)

Restart in progress. Invite only. If you find yourself here and you haven't been invited, you're probably not supposed to be here. 

Ever wanted that chance to put your own spin on the world's favorite superheroes and villains? This is the town of Mayberry, and here in this town, you write the heroes! We're a strictly cannon character RPG, but there's a twist: the heroes don't know who they are! Captain America is the Sheriff, Lex Luther is the Mayor, and Superman is just a farmer! The characters are cannon, but their histories are all yours.

How did everyone get to Mayberry? When, if, they get their memories back, what will happen? Will villains become villains again? Will heroes want to be heroes anymore? And most importantly, who brought them to Mayberry and for what purpose? How long is this alternate reality going to last? How will the characters' stories collide and change?

One thing is for certain: They are the warriors who built this town.

This game is played on Google Groups.


This is a canon-only game, which focuses on characters of Marvel Comics and DC Comics, both superheroes and villains. Players are encouraged to adapt the characters to the game and add their own spins to their stories. Original Characters are not allowed unless the moderators decide otherwise.

Disclaimer: These are works of pure fan fiction. It is not intended to infringe on any rights by and of the companies and/or individuals involved in the production of any series mentioned here.

This RPG was inspired by the TV show "Once Upon a Time." This is a character and plot driven game. It's a place of moderate to advanced writing, so we're looking for serious writers who want to have fun and commit to a game. Posting minimum is twice a week. Characters can be inspired by movies or comics, or both.

This is a mature game. No one below the age of 18 will be accepted. There may be sexual themes and graphic violence.

Current Dates: Nov 19th - Nov 30th, 2016