This website is a curation of tips and tricks to help you organize and present your data.  As I learn more cool tools and ways of using sheets, I will post them here.  This mainly serves as a way for me to remember all these neat things I learn, but I want to be able to share this information with others.
If you have any other cool ideas or ways to use google sheets, please let me know.  My  email is at the bottom of the page.  If you attended my session on Google Sheets, please fill out this reflection.  To view other's ideas on how they might use these tips/tricks in their classrooms, please click on this link.

Google is offering a free, online, "Making Sense of Data" course from March 18 - April 4, 2014.  Click here for more details and to register.  If you want to learn more about how to structure, visualize, and manipulate data, this course if for you!