This Andrew Stillman script attaches a rubric created in google forms to a document that you sent to students with Doctopus.  It allows you to grade the assignment and it will then attach the rubric to the document and send an email with the rubric to the student.

Work Flow
Thanks to Jay Atwood for permission to use this image.

How To
  1. First, you must set up an assignment that you send out to students using Doctopus.
  2. Next, create a rubric in a google spreadsheet.
  3. In the sheet that you ran Doctopus, click on "Doctopus" in the menu bar, and then choose Attach Goobric.
  4. Be sure to add the extension and web app.  (click on the blue links)
  5. Attach the Goobric.
  6. Now, you can open up the student's documents, and click on the Goobric icon in your Omnibox to bring up the Goobric.

Potential Uses

Goobric can be used to grade any assignment sent out using Doctopus.  You can send emails right away, or choose not to and wait until you have graded all assignments.  I would recommend using the grade column to use a formula (sum or average) to calculate a grade, and you can add written feedback.  Then you can send personalized emails to students w/ their grades and comments.  They will then be able to find the rubric on the bottom of their document. (Goobric only attaches rubrics to the bottom of docs, not presentations.  However an email will still be sent with the rubric).