This is my webpage on how to use different Google Scripts.  (I did not actually create the scripts.)  I began this webpage at the 2013 GAFE California Summit in Jay Atwood's scripting pre-conference workshop.  The intended audience are teachers who use Google Apps for Education with their classes.  Each page will house information about how they can be used with instructions on how to use them.  Some of the information I have created, other information I have found on YouTube or online.

Currently, all the scripts on this site are for the old version of sheets.  On 3/11/14, there was an update to the new google sheets, and their are new scripts that run as "add-ons".  This website will slowly be updated to match the new add-ons.


Scripts to help with your workflow of sending out documents or google site pages to your students.

  • gClassFolders
  • pageMeister
  • Doctopus


Scripts to help you communicate with students or parents by sending out mail merged emails, texts, or calendar events.

  • autoCrat
  • Yet Another Mail Merge
  • FormMule


Scripts to help you assess student learning.

  • Goobric
  • Flubaroo

Manipulating Data & Forms

Scripts to help you pull or push data from sheets to forms or from form to form.

  • Sheet Spider
  • DocAppender
  • Form Ranger
  • Copydownandfreeze
  • formLimiter

Site Created by Melissa Hero

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