Hero Of The Chalice
Reservation Form

1  Reservation Form Per Guest
Other forms that might be required:  Combat and Minor Release

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Baroness Lucia Caldieri
813-899-9425 (till 10pm. No phone reservations)

Mail To:
    Lory Riddlemoser
    10011 N. Oklawaha
    Tampa FL 33617

1  Reservation Form Per Guest

Please Print This Form & Circle Your Reservation Choices & Days
             SCA-Member           Non-SCA-Member
Daytrip      $10    N/A           $13    N/A
             (Fri) or (Sat) or (Sun)

One Night    (Tent) (Cabin)       (Tent) (Cabin)

             $12    $12           $15    $15
(Fri) or (Sat) or (Sun)

Two Nights   (Tent) (Cabin)       (Tent) (Cabin)
             $20    $20           $23    $23
(Fri) and/or (Sat) and/or (Sun)

Three Nights (Tent) (Cabin)       (Tent) (Cabin)
             $30    $30           $33    $33
             (Fri & Sat & Sun)

Feast        $8                   $8
             (Fri) and/or (Sat) and/or (Sun)

Your Name __________________________________________
Your SCA Name ______________________________________
Your SCA Membership Number _________________________
Your mailing address _______________________________
City, ST, ZIP ______________________________________
Email ______________________________________________
Phone or cell ______________________________________

1. Driver's license must be presented at reseravation check-in.
2. Make checks payable to: "SCA dba Barony of Wyvernwoode".
3. Write driver's license number on check.
4. Include proof of SCA membership with reservation.

5. Children 12 and under gratis.  Write "CHILD" on reservation form.
6. Guests under 18 required a parent/gardian release form.
7. No family charged more than three adult fares.

8. There will not be an additional charge for cabins this year.
9. Feasts limited to 70 per night.  Make your reservation early!
10. Last year, over 300 guests attended Chalice.
11.  Open fires are not allowed, but propane grills are welcome.