The Barony of Wyvernwood presents
The Italian Celebration Feast in honor of the Hero of the Chalice!!!
Presented by Caitlin of Enniskillen, OL

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The food for this weekend is all based on period Italian recipes (including breakfast!). All Ingredient lists will be posted on site and available in advance by request. Research and documentation will be available in the menus at the event.

Any vegetarian requests need to be made in advance as many of the vegetable dishes will be prepared with meat fats as well as oils. This is a cheese heavy feast and lactose challenged individuals will also be accommodated if advance notice is given.

The presentation, service and hall set-up for Saturday's Dinner will be done in a period style. If you interested in assisting with this, please let Caitlin know. Saturday's feast starts its first course at lunch-time. Italian feasts (as most medieval/renaissance feasts did) started early in the day and often broke for entertainment and dancing and revelry. We continue in this tradition by serving the first course "al fresco" (outdoors) weather permitting. The afternoon's activities serve as the normal "entremets" (in-betweens) for the feast. The second and third courses will be served after court with a small palate cleanser following and continuing into the revelry of the evening with a banqueting table.

Also noted are highlight items that will be served to High Table and available to the populace as tasting dishes. (Meaning everyone gets a bite or two if they want to try it)

The Sunday feast is a tavern style/rustic meal with noble items and ingredients. It will be served remove style (also known as buffet).

Lunch (First course) on Saturday will be available for a small fee on a first come first served basis until gone for those not on-board.

(Note: items are subject to change if availability or pricing changes between now and Feast purchasing - all changes will be published on site, if necessary)
Saturday Meals

Saturday Breakfast

   Suppa Dorato (French Toast Italian style)
   Fruit Salad
   Sausage patties 
   Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate 
   Limited Breakfast cereals and Instant Oatmeal 

First Course (lunch) 
   Bunyols (Cheese Fritters)
   Torta de Farro (Spelt Tort)
   Concordes (Pumpkin/Winter Squash Soup)
   Salsize Bone (Sausages)
   Fricatella-Rissoles (Fruit pies) 
Second Course 
   De li Sparaci (Asparagus in Saffron)
   Se Voi Ambrogino di Polli (Chicken Ambrogino - with Sweet 
      and Sour Sauces)
   Ravioli Bianchi (Cheese Raviolis)
   De la Insaleggiata di Cipolle (Roast Onion Salad)
   Zabaglione (Sabayon) 
   Highlight: Rabbit or venison dish 
Third Course 
   Fiinocchio (Fennel and Leeks)
   Bon Adabado (Good Lamb-Sweet and Sour Lamb)
   Rosto in Cisame Bono e Perfetto Optimo (Perfect Roast/Sweet 
      and Sour Pork)
   Torta d'Agli (Garlic Tort)
   Vermicelli (Vermicelli) 
   Highlight: Wine Aspic w/Soteltie 
   De Panades de Sucre Fi or Marzapane/Calisoni (Little Sugar 
      Pies aka Marzipan)
   Torta de Cerase (CherryTort) 

Banquetting (Miscellaneous goodies) 

Beverages: Water, Honey Drink, and Lemon/Ginger Drink

Sunday Meals

Sunday Breakfast
   Tourtel/Torta (Egg Tarts and Quiches)
   Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate 
   Limited Breakfast cereals and Instant Oatmeal 

Sunday Lunch
    No lunch will be provided. Open fires are not allowed, but propane grills are welcome.

 Sunday Tavern Meal 
   Pex Ffrit ab Escabeyg (Escabeche -Grilled Fish with Sweet 
      and Sour sauce)
   Pollastro  Arrosto (Grilled Chicken with Orange Sauce)
   Esicium ex Carne (Meatballs of pork and beef)
   Lasagne (no red sauce!!!!)
   De Cariota (Roasted Carrots)
   Salsa a Bolets (Grilled Mushrooms with sauce)
   Pastes de Poires Crues (Whole Pear Pie-an import from over 
      the border)
   Champoste de State di Pere (Summer Compote of Pear –Sweet 
      & Sour  Vegetables and Fruits)
   Ova Piena/Farcta (Stuffed Eggs)
   Nucato (Honey Nut brittle)
   Un Tartra  alla Senese (A Sienese Torte/Cheese Cake-flan style)
   Highlight Item: Ostriche (Grilled Oysters)

Feastcrat/Head Cook
Mistress Caitlin of Enniskillen
Catherine Hartley
11513 Casa Marina Way, #104
Tampa FL 33635
813-829-7487 (till 9 pm)