Class Schedule


Class                         Instructor                          Start Time  Duration  Location
Women Pirates Through Time    Baroness Melisande Aubrey d'Anjou   10:30 pm    1 hour    Gate

Class                         Instructor                          Start Time  Duration  Location
Blacksmithing Demo            Baron Heinrich and Hon. Lord Thomas All Day     All Day   Next to Cabin Day

Fan Painting                  Lady Eleanor of Grey                10:00 am    1 hour    Kitchen Hall
Newcomer's Class              Lady Catherine Russell              11:00 am    1 hour    Kitchen Hall
Russian Costuming             HL Aislinn Columba of Carlisle      11:00 am    1 hour    Court Hall
Mask Making                   Lady Keelan and Lady Yvette         1:00 pm     4 hours   Kitchen Hall
Introduction to Belly Dance   Mistress Elitha                     1:00 pm     1 hour    Court Hall
Intro to Illumination         HL Gwenllyan                        2:00 pm     1 hour    Court Hall
Youth Rapier Combat           Dona Arnez            Following Rapier Lyst     1 hour    Rapier Field
Introduction to the Exchequer Hon. Lady Quintana                  3:00 pm     1 hour    Kitchen Hall
Dances for the Ball           Master Octavio de Flores            3:00 pm     1 hour    Court Hall