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Hello, and welcome to the Legion of On-Line Super Heroes Blog's Archive site. Here you can find your favorite heroes and authors grouped for better reading. The actual blog is located at http://legiononlinesupers.blogspot.com.

Currently, we have seven (7) authors represented. Click on their links at the bottom of this page.

We also have an "Available Heroes" page, for any Author who wishes to write about a Hero's escapades but does not wish to create one. Available Heroes are Heroes who have yet to have a story published on the Legion of On-Line Super Heroes blog. If you wish to write an episode for one of these Heroes, the guidelines are 500-word maximum and PG-13 rating. Email your submission to LegionBlog@ymail.com. Please indicate whether you are signing up to become a Legion Author, or whether you are a one-time Author. Legion Authors get their own page at Legion Headquarters.

In conjunction with the Available Heroes page we also have a "Power and Weapons" page. This page lists a variety of superpowers which can be used for Hero creation. The page is still under construction, but the intent is to add images of various weaponry. If you are struggling to identify specific Hero abilities this is a good page to view.