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Simultaneous Turns (ST)


  • ST in a multiplayer game allows the players to make their turns simultaneously during a certain time period that significantly decreases gaming time.
  • A host can activate the ST feature when starting/loading a game in “More options” HD+ where you can also set exact day (days in the game) till what day (including) the simultaneous turn is working.
  • ST can be interrupted if both players interacted with the same objects; the game checks on it after both of them finish their turns. If it happens, both players receive a notification and the blue player must replay its last day.  
  • ST is interrupted if the players start interacting with each other (the game checks on it right in the game process). If the players try to attack/capture each other’s hero, town or mine, then the last blue player’s turn is cancelled and it goes back to the last red player’s turn. The red player continues its turn and if he decides to attack the blue player, the blue one accepts the battle.
  • During the ST, auto-save only saves the game after both players have finished their turns.
  • The game can be downloaded from any gaming day and continued without the ST feature. You can also download any saved game where the ST was off, and continue playing with the ST on.
  • If Turn Timer option is on, then, during the ST, players can see both his/her and the opponent’s timer.


In future, the ST feature will be updated and new intellectual algorithms may be added to predict players’ interactions better. This will allow interrupting the ST at the correct time, avoiding the blue’s turn cancellation on interaction.