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HD+ adds some new features (
indispensable for online gameing) and fixes a number of gameplay bugs.

- Only compatible with SoD/Complete/HotA.
- You can turn HD+ on/off when in the HoMM3 HD Launcher
- Multiplayer is available only if all the players use HoMM3 HD+

You can find all the HD+ settings in the Scenario settings -> "More Options..." button:

You can now protect your multiplayer game and a RMG map with a password.
- The host should turn on this in-game option in “More options... –> Protected saved games”. When this option is on, all the players must enter their passwords to proceed with the loaded game (start the generated map) which is only possible when the players are connected online each from its color.
- After the players exchange their passwords, the password protection of the map can be turned off to allow editing the map in the Map Editor.

Simultaneous Turn feature is now available in Multiplayer game!

Chess Timer feature
This in-game option that can be turned on/off in More Options... -> Chess Timer

The Turn Duration timer now only starts when the player closes the ‘Your Turn’ window
- This in-game option that can be turned on/off in More options –> Start timer after pressing Ok

You can now replay the Quick Combat yourself if you are not satisfied with the results.
- This in-game option that can be turned on/off in More options –> Replayable quick combat

In Single Player game you can replay a combat as many times as you want.

Random game calculations, such as moral/luck proc, creature damage and their special abilities proc does not affect the course of combat anymore. This means that with the same conditions, actions taken by players on the same map, the course of the battle will
go in the same way. Quick battle is absolutely identical to an auto combat without magic, thus, quick battle now always gives the same reasonable result which can be tested by an auto combat.

Now you cannot use non-original graphical images for “Terra Incognito” in Online game.

!!! Please, be advised that HD+ changes original game settings; therefore, for example, if you play an offline tournament using default SoD/Complete version, you should disable it.
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