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Original Game bug fixing

Critical bugs fixes:
- fixed a crash (when loading the map) that was associated with the generation of rumors in the Tavern
- fixed artifact merchants bug that caused game crash if there was an empty slot between artifacts in the backpack
- fixed random hero with random creatures bug
- fixed game crash when switching between towns with split-army button pressed.
- If you had more than 5000 maps in the game folder, it caused game crash when choosing a map.
- fixed game crash during the Replay Turn, when on the previous day a pink player did not capture any towns during 7 days and got vanquished. 
- fixed game crash when viewing random maps with no/fewer maps in Maps folder
- HoMM3 HD uses newer versions of libraries Mss32.dll and Mp3dec.asi which fixes game-crash errors at some modern PCs.

Non-critical bugs fixes:
- fixed handling of negative indent letters which caused part of the text to not display correctly.
- выделение текста фигурными скобками { } сбивалось переносом строки.
- fixed the RMG bug that was choosing one of the player's starting heroes for the Prison

HD+ fixes a number of gameplay bugs.
- Fixed a bug that allowed selling artifacts to Artifact Merchants at a higher price.
- Fixed all "Not Me" bugs that allowed spying on the enemy player (in multiplayer) during its turn.
- Fixed the bug that allowed leaving a hero with no army.
- Fixed a bug with Clone spell.
- Fixed a bug with unending enemy AI turn.
- Fixed a bug with the refugee camp when only pikemen appeared for hire after guards are killed.
- Fixed a Quick Combat bug that, among other things, allowed capturing Dragon Fly Hive only with 1 Hydra with no casualties; or killing shooting unit packs with slow flying units with too few casualties.
- Fights between AIs are now to a player fight vs AI; thus, fixing some bugs, such as: artifacts obtained by the loosing hero after the fight, or a bug with town capture.
- Fixed a critical bug with neutral creatures when Angelic Alliance is equipped.
- Fixed a bug with a herro attacked in an ally’s town

HoMM3 HD automatically detects and fixes map bugs that occur during the game process.
List of possible bugs that are immediately fixed during the game process:
- a double hero;
- a gray city with double hero;
- an invisible hero’s ghost after combat defeat;
- a hero disappears from heroes list;
- an unknown hero appears in heroes list;
- a hero becomes available to play by other players;
- a hero, hired by other player, becomes available for hire in tavern;
- a bug with a secondary skill that has incorrect image/name and causes game crash when trying to read its info;
- after player’s defeat with no towns, its heroes remain on the map;
- hero’s army suddenly decreases to the one at the start of the week.

Also, a good number of tiny graphical improvements has been made.