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We are a caring group of ostomates living here in Hernando County, Florida, USA. We are an Affiliated Support Group with the United Ostomy Association of America (ostomy.org).

We offer support and education to those who have had or will have ostomy surgery.  Currently, we host an afternoon meeting on the third Friday of the month, September through June.  Check the calendar or meeting schedule in announcements.

The toughest time for an ostomate is usually from the time we hear we are going to have diversion surgery, and might last two to three months after surgery, or more as we heal and adjust to pouching systems. We have a volunteer visitation program to support those who are new to living with an ostomy. We are very excited about this new program.  Read more. Please consider contacting us when you or a loved one gets a diagnosis. A vibrant, happy life IS possible after ostomy surgery. For many of us, our ostomy surgery ended years of pain and medical problems. For the rest of us, our ostomy surgery saved our lives. 

Browse our pages for information and consider attending one of our meetings. 
I look forward to meeting you or hearing from you.

Bob Barnard , President

 Our Programs     Purpose
 E-mail    ostomyofhernandoco@gmail.com
 BrochureTo share the existence of our support group, and our programs with the community, in general, and specifically with ostomates, caregivers, and medical personnel.

Support Group Meetings
To meet the needs of our members, we host 1 meeting each month, September - June. This afternoon meeting is the 3rd Friday at Brooksville Bayfront Health Hospital at 2:00 p.m. except when we're having our Christmas Dinner or June Picnic. Our meetings are in the Enrichment Center on the west side of the hospital. It is best to park on the west side of the hospital. 

Our members include ostomates (with urostomies, ileostomies, colostomies, and many variations), their spouses and loved ones, and medical personnel. We welcome all who are interested in achieving a  quality life for the ostomates in their lives, and in our area.

If you would like more information about any meeting, please send us an e-mail, check for facebook updates, or call one of our contacts.

See you at our next meeting,
Friday Oct 21,2016 IMPORTANT MEETING - Information on 2017 Health Plans available

 Visitor Program

To provide help and support to anyone dealing with a new colostomy, urostomy, or ileostomy or other type of diversion, we train members to meet with ostomates before and after surgery.


 We invite members, patients, caregivers, medical personnel, and others with inquiring minds to:

  1. attend support group meetings to hear speakers
  2. view our newsletters
  3. follow our links to resources on the Internet
  4. contact us with specific questions
  5. visit with us at health fairs
  6. come to a meeting and check out books from our lending library

 Helping those in need of ostomy supplies 
We collect supplies not needed by members and pass them along to others who have difficulties getting supplies, sometimes locally, and sometimes to other locations around the world.

 Ostomy Clinic Feasibility Study        
We are currently looking into the need for an ostomy clinic in the area, and also the logistics to make one happen if there is a need.

On the Far Side of the Moon, or Bringing Humor back into our lives    
We strongly believe humor helps us to deal with the emotional upheaval we experience with the big changes in our lives from the moment we hear the word "ostomy."

We are seeking submissions to a new book. Click here to learn more.

We support nurses who want to become certified as CWOCN or C WON.