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Florida Native Plant Garden at the Triangle Nature Park

posted Sep 26, 2014, 10:11 AM by Hernando Chapter Florida Native Plant Society
Story and photographs Jude Simpson

Now is the time for "Fall cleaning" in the Florida Native Plant Garden at the Triangle entrance to Hernando Beach. The garden is bursting with bloom, and alive with pollinators. Unfortunately, non-native grasses and weedy natives are thriving too.

Most of the plants that went in this past spring survived the summer and are really getting established. Many of the summer blooming flowers need to be cut back. The paths and shrub beds must be rescued from rampant vines and ground covers.

Hernando Beach Property Owners Association has volunteers lined up for a major clean-up. Hernando Chapter FNPS members are invited to help, or stop by with words of encouragement. This is a high profile location and it is challenging because of the size and complexity of the garden design. It is an opportunity to show case Florida Native plants. It is also challenging because it must provide curb appeal to the public while getting established.

Once we do some major weeding and pruning, we can see what may need to be moved or replaced. Fall is also a great time for planting any additional items for attractiveness all season. With the cooler weather and some energetic volunteers, we can also pull back mulch and install weed block under the shrubs. We plan to add a shade tree and a bench, and add some fall flowers.

The HBPOA Garden committee is working on a schedule for Fall. Meanwhile, please contact Jude Simpson at for additional information, or to volunteer at this garden.

Fall shows its colors in the new landscape.

Diversity is developing as the plants establish.

The planting will acquaint the community with some of Florida's favorite native flora, such as passion flower vine.