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Cypress Lakes Preserve Survey's in Bloom

posted Feb 28, 2014, 12:34 PM by Hernando Chapter Florida Native Plant Society
Submitted by Jude Simpson, President, Hernando Chapter

On Sunday, February 23, members of the intrepid plant survey team revisited Cypress Lakes Preserve to cover the area west of the Florida Trail. This area includes hardwood hammock and cypress swamp. Although the team were required to go off-trail in areas with thick understory and sometimes abundant moisture, they were rewarded with a beautiful day where many winter bloomers put on a display. Delicate natives such as the shiny blueberry (right: Vaccinium myrsinites) are getting ready for spring.

This project is near and dear to our hearts. Members of the Hernando Chapter FNPS and their friends are assisting Jim King, Hernando County Conservation Lands Specialist, to update the plant list for Cypress Lakes, one of our county’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands Preserves.

Volunteers conducting the 2014 plant survey also pull and mark invasive plants when found. The team found surprisingly few exotics in this preserve, maintained by its small staff (Hernando county ESL in the Parks & Rec Dept.). Good management!

For more about the project, see this article about its goals,  and this project update.

Pam Murfey, Chinsegut Conservation Center, pulling water hyacinth in slough under the Florida Trails bridge at Cypress lakes preserve.

Many small wetland plants are evident now:  bog buttons (above: probably Lachnocaulon anceps), and hat pins, bog white violet, sundews & butterworts.

Pinguicula pumila (small butterwort) is frequent at the edges of seasonally wet prairies at CLP. Also found in wet roadside swales in Hernando Beach this month

Black Nightshade (Solanum chenopodioides) shows its characteristic star-shaped blooms and tumbling habit.