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Working together for Hernando County

The Hernando Chapter shares information with citizens who are interested in learning about native plants, their ecosystems, as well as all aspects of biological diversity.

Together, we learn how landscaping with native plants has a minimal affect on the environment. By using native plants, chemicals are eliminated, maintenance is reduced, water is conserved, and habitat is provided for wildlife.

Plant enthusiasts get to know all about plant species that make their home in Hernando, and the types of conditions they prefer. 

Get to know us!

Our meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. At each meeting we discuss native plants and native plant ecosystems. Subjects range from hummingbird gardening to black bear habitat. Each meeting has delicious snacks, friendly company,  and an information table. Please join us for a meeting. We hope you'll decide to join.  

Why Native Plants?

  • Less water and yard work; natives don't need pampering
  • Fewer chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers
  • More butterflies, birds and other wildlife
  • A yard that looks like "Real Florida"
  • A landscape that survives seasonal residents's summer absence
Please Note: We regret to inform you that our April meeting has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. Do plant to join us in May 4 for a program on native plant rain gardens by Lilly Browning.  Our meeting place is the UF/IFAS Extension Service  Office 16110 Aviation Loop Dr, Brooksville, FL 34604  See Meetings and Events for more info.   -  Click here for map

Our meeting place is centrally located near the airport on Spring Hill Drive. We believe this location offers good  access to the Hernando County Communities, more amenities, and a wonderful opportunity to get to know our Extension Service. 
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