Her Name Is Rio ... you can find her with a cocktail in her hand!

Rio is here to provide you with the education, history and fun you need to enjoy todays (and yesterdays) cocktails!

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I love making and consuming cocktails. 


First off there is the chemistry of the cocktail.  The pure spirits handcrafted to contain complex flavors.  The fresh seasonal ingredients that react to the spirit and the liquor that adds another dimension of flavor.


Secondly, cocktails come with history.  Where they were first created, the masters who used them, and the celebs who loved them the clubs whose fortunes where built of them and the bartenders who made them.

Thirdly, cocktails are emotional.  They create or bring back memories.  Our sense of taste is a powerful thing and moves us in a way that creates that smile of recognition and sigh of satisfaction when that cocktail is first sipped.  Your special event deserves a special cocktail.


I aim to have all these three elements on my arsenal of drinks.  I used only the best or homemade ingredients and take time to make sure its done right.  But I am also a free spirit who will try anything once and if it works, share it with all.  My drinks aim to please and amaze all.


So if you want to play Cocktailier with me, drop me a line!  I ‘d love to introduce you to the fantastic new American Ryes, or maybe those 100% blue agave Tequilas that will tickle your tastebuds, or maybe the new gin with botanicals so fresh, you feel like you should make a facial out of them! 


Oh the list is, thankfully, endless!

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