What is
  • A modified version of MPlayer OS X Extended based on r14 build 1410.
  • Resolves more than 50 bugs present in MPE and adds dozens of new features.
  • Reduced CPU and RAM usage and improved performance.
  • Includes bleeding edge mplayer binaries from the official mplayer SVN.
  • Currently only supports 64-bit Intel processors.
  • GPL compliant*.  See the full changelog to get the source code.
Is this a fork of MPE?
Think of as an unofficial development version of MPE which is faster, more stable, and includes new features.  The current plan is that MPE will eventually adopt most of's improvements.  If it becomes too difficult to incorporate the changes back to MPE and revision15 is released without significant improvements, then will become a fork – only time will tell.

Why the name ''?
I had to choose a different name from MPE to distinguish the two programs, and the title 'MPlayer OS X Extended' was becoming far too long.  I am currently using the shortened name, but if I am required to fork the project I may decide to use a new name.  If one remembers to include the .app extension to the name, and uses lowercase for the mplayer binary itself, then there is little chance for confusion between the two programs.  

Who maintains
Hermi.  To contact me, use the email address located at the bottom of the changelog.


MPlayer2 Binary
I am transitioning to use mplayer2 as the default binary.  This binary has many improvements with few drawbacks.  If you would be willing to beta test mplayer2 binaries please send me an email.  As mplayer2 will be replacing the mplayer binary it is important to identify any deficiencies before this happens.

*See the changelog to obtain source code for past and present versions.  Source code of my patched mplayer and mplayer2 binaries as well as compilation scripts are available upon request.  My email address can be found in the changelog.