The Hermetic Federation is an initiatory Order dedicated to the revival of Greco-Egyptian religion as expressed in the Hermetica, the Greek Magical Papyri, and the mystery cults of Roman Egypt. We currently have three active lodges, and are accepting new members for initiation:

 -Agathodaimon Lodge in Montreal, Canada
 - Austin, Texas
 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In our Montreal & Austin lodges, the mysteries are transmitted in three grades: Tat, Asclepius, and Hermes, which cover the bulk of the Hermetic faith, and give a solid basis for the student to work with Greco-Egyptian theurgy in more advanced forms. Other lodges focus on the Alexandrian spiritual synthesis, and the cultus of Thoth-Hermes in various manifestations.

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For questions please contact us by email: hermeticfederation@gmail.com

For membership inquiries, please state your full name, location and why you are seeking admission into  the Hermetic Federation specifically. Only serious requests will be considered.