"The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with a gaze." ~Unknown~

"To live is forever to meet others, to enter into relationship. Most people try to meet only what they already know; the unexpected they promptly dress up in clothes which tag to it a noble, satisfying, comfortable name. Then they feel at ease. They no longer fear to have to transform themselves."
From: "Of Vibrancy and Peace" by Dane Rudhyar, copyright 1967, Servire Publishers, The Netherlands.
Robinson Crusoe, by N.C. Wyeth
elationships. How many different kinds of people do you interact with in the course of a week? You say relationship and everyone immediately thinks romantic and love affairs. But what about parental relationships, family, school, adversarial, sexual, friendships, co-workers, business, and on and on? And has there been one relationship in your life you haven't puzzled over, trying to find an understanding of some sort? This is where Astrology comes in, and I'm not just talking about the "I'm an Aries, she's a Cancer, are we compatible?" kind of help.

To begin with, comparing Sun Signs, although easy to understand and interesting, does not even begin to scratch the surface. That's like saying "I have a green car and she has a red car. How do the two match up?" You'll get a vague answer that has about as much usefulness as cotton candy - sweet for the moment, but empty if you're really hungry. And who isn't hungry for some real insight when it comes to relationships?

If you really want some insight into a particular relationship, then you must study the complete chart of each person involved! For the sake of discussion I'll assume here that you're talking about two people, even though some relationships involve more than two people. There are many factors that attract two people in any relationship and these factors can overwhelm a simple Sun Sign comparison. For example, Moon Signs provide emotional ties, Mercury establishes communication, Mars shows sexual attraction, Saturn establishes authority/business ties, etc. All of these and more must be studied and considered before an in-depth picture of the relationship can be drawn. This is called a Synastry Reading - the study of two (or more) charts and the nature of the astrological ties that bind them. Not only are the planets compared, but also the houses - you not only share motivations in a relationship, but also emphases on specific areas of life.

Another way to study a relationship is a Composite Reading. This blends the relationship charts involved together into one chart to give a picture of the relationship itself. One plus one equals three. The relationship takes on a life of its own and the composite chart illustrates that life. Will it be rocky with ups and downs, or relatively quiet and stable? When will the rough times hit? What resources are available for the relationship to survive? In a related vein, astrological charts can also be calculated and interpreted for any relationship with a definite beginning, such as marriages and business relationships.

A third way of looking at relationships is a Spiritual Reading. This technique analyzes ancient astrological points in the horoscope(s), revealing the deeper metaphysical implications of relationship. This gives a deep, spiritual insight into especially committed relationships and reveals the karmic attraction between you and your partner(s). This type of interpretation is not relevant to every relationship (do you really want to know the karmic ties to your boss?), but can be of great insightful use for understanding strong friendships, marriages, love affairs and sexual relationships.