Some Progressive Reasoning...

We are at the leading edge of a rapidly approaching new age - the threshold of a new way of thinking and a new way of seeing the world we live in. This belief is integral to the various new age movements, but less familiar are the radical new world-views that the frontiers of science, such as quantum physics, are exploring and formulating. Our deeply ingrained views of reality are being challenged, outgrown, and transformed. As an example, quantum physicists are discovering that everything in the universe is interrelated. We are all interconnected with everyone and everything. Each of our personal thoughts, observations, and actions affect directly our own and everyone else's world environment. Our deeply ingrained dualistic perceptions (I versus you, us against them) are rapidly becoming obsolete. We must look beyond the dualism of male/female, black/white, human/animal, organic/inorganic, etc. before we can understand this holistic interrelatedness. We also need to understand that, though each of us is an individual, we also belong to a community on a higher level, whether it be family, state, church, nation, race, etc.

Yet, before we can begin to understand and accept these new ways of thinking we must first understand ourselves as individuals. We must find the spiritual meaning to our lives and so learn to harmonize our individuality with a greater whole. This allows us to know ourselves so that we can begin to know others. We must first understand and accept the dualism within each of us and how that dualism operates as a whole. This is what the future we are rapidly meeting demands of us. To survive we must know ourselves, for from that self-knowledge comes personal strength and wisdom, as well as a better understanding of one's life, one's relationships, and one's role in the world community.