Our lives begin with a birthchart that describes the basic us, but is that all astrology has to offer? Just a personality or life profile that’s set in stone and never grows and changes? We all know from experience that everything changes, nothing stays the same… at least not exactly the same. Right from birth we immediately begin to grow, learn, and mature. So how does astrology deal with the ongoing changes we meet in life?

That's where forecasting comes in. Astrological forecasts show what happens to you during any time in your life, providing valuable perspectives on pivotal turning points in your life as well as current events. As for the future... although these techniques provide glimpses into your future, the choices and decisions you make today have the most effect on what will happen to you tomorrow. The accuracy of future forecasting depends on what you do now.

Here are just some of the techniques used by Hermes Half Hour in astrological forecasting:

Time Lords

This is a class of various techniques that are used to preliminarily map the outline and underlying structure of unfolding life experiences. Some are restricted to specific concerns (e.g. career, relationship, health) while others provide an broader, overall view. These techniques are used in conjunction with the following...


Progressions reveal inner changes in your personality, showing how you feel, how you react to outer events. For instance, if you became unemployed during a specific time frame, the Progressions reveal how you react to not having a job. It's possible you would become depressed and withdrawn, or it's possible you would become more determined in finding a new and better job. Or perhaps you would feel like setting off in an entrepreneurial direction. There are different ways to react to similar events at different times in our lives. Progressions can show you if you're swimming with the tide or against it.


Nature is made up of cycles - weather cycles, life cycles, seasonal cycles, etc. Humans are no different. Our lives are intimately tied to cycles - and that's the wisdom revealed by Transits. Unlike the inner nature of Progressions, Transits reveal outer events that happen to us in response to or in concordance with our inner perspective. Transits show if you're having a difficult time with your family, or your job. They tell you if you might get the opportunity for travel or to go back to school or if new relationships might be coming your way. They show the real-world, physical events in your life, and more importantly they can reveal why these things are happening! Nothing in nature exists in isolation, which is also true of humans and what happens to us. Events that occur during a specific time frame have their roots in past events, and Transits can help trace their path to the present, giving you a clearer picture of why what is happening to you is happening. Transits can help you understand your life and make better sense of it all.

Planetary Returns

Returns are a specific kind of Transit chart. Each planet moves in a circular path around the horoscope at its own particular rate of speed. During your life when it returns to the same place it was at when you were born it begins a new cycle for you dealing with its own particular issues (see below.) Its influence remains in effect until the next time it returns to that position. Planetary Returns thus reveal the general influences that affect you according to the nature of the planet involved. For instance, the Sun returns to the same position it occupied in your birthchart every year on or about your birthday. As the Sun governs the growth of your individuality and your self-image, a Solar Return would reveal your general outlook on and approach to life during the year it was in effect. The Moon takes 28 days to return, so a Lunar Return reflects your emotional temperament and outlook during the period of a month. Mars returns approximately every 2 years, mapping your growth and changes in personal ambition and physical vitality and activity. Saturn returns every 28-29 years, revealing major turning points in your life when you must face changes in personal maturity.

Lunar Returns - Reflect the ebb and flow of your emotional outlook for an approximate 28-day period.

Solar Returns - Shine a spotlight on the growth and progress of your self-image and individuality for the year.

Mercury Returns - Communicate the changes in your intellectual ideas, attitudes and opinions during an approximate yearly period which varies.

Venus Returns - Show the growth in your relationships and how you approach others during an approximate yearly period which also varies.

Mars Returns - Map your growth and changes in personal ambition and physical activity during an approximate 2 to 2.5 year period.

Jupiter Returns - Discuss changes and growth in your philosophies, values and your ability to relate socially every 12 years.

Saturn Returns - Teach the lessons needed and the turning points encountered during major changes in your life every 28-29 years.