Well... just what is it that you're cut out for? Are you not happy with your job or the direction your career is headed in? Do you feel like you should be doing something else? If so, that's where Hermes Half Hour can come in. With a career interpretation you can find out through your personal birthchart just what it might be that you're best suited for.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not going to tell you that you should change jobs and become a ditch digger. What I can tell you though is whether or not you're temperamentally suited for digging holes... It's then up to you to decide if you want to be a ditch digger, or a grave digger, or an archaeologist, or a miner, etc. Your personal birthchart can reveal your career potentials, as in your needs for people contact, job structure, whether or not you're inclined to be a go-getter or one who is happiest reacting to the actions of others. How flexible are you? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? How well do you deal with stress? Do you like variety? Do you like to communicate or be left alone? And are these potentials satisfied by your career and/or job?

These are all questions that can be answered by Hermes Half Hour through a Career Reading. I'll look at all these questions and more to give you a career and profession interpretation that will help you understand your current overall job situation (but I don't do office politics...). From there you can take charge of your life and decide if what you're currently doing is satisfactory, or if you should indulge that secret desire of yours to finally become a (insert secret desire here).