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Arizona Society of Astrologers The Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), the oldest and one of the largest statewide astrology organizations, was founded on September 7, 1973 to promote astrology through teaching, lecturing, research and practice in a professional and ethical manner. The ASA has proudly hosted well-known and inspiring teachers and lecturers from around the world at regular monthly meetings. 
Astro-Databank Wiki Project The Astro-Databank wiki publishes the huge collection of astrological data collected by Lois Rodden and her cooperators, so that these data can be used for astrological research, for astrological publications and for serious astrological discussion. 
Benjamin Dykes, Astrologer, PhD, AMA Medieval Techniques and Ancient Wisdom 
Breaking Down the Borders Interview with Doug Noblehorse "I firmly believe that this event heralds a new kind of conference which will become the model in the years to come, affording practical and holistic astrological education to a greater audience of astrologers and students..." 
CyberWorld Khaldea "Greetings! You have discovered the cyberspace home of authentic humanistic and transpersonal astrology and the philosophy and metaphysics of Wholeness in the 21st Century! Enter CyberWorld Khaldea, and discover astrology and metaphysics that will rock your world! " 
Delphic Oracle Curt Manwaring's Zoidiasoft Technologies Astrology Software 
Demetra George's Audio Download Store Browse the categories below for audio downloads of some of Demetra's best astrology lectures.  
Digital International Astrology Library A Repertory of Ancient Astrological Works 
Doug Noblehorse at UAC 2012 Doug's lecture at UAC 2012 
Hellenistic Astrology Website Chris Brennan: "The purpose of this website is to help facilitate the recovery of Hellenistic astrology by providing resources for those who would like to take part in the recovery efforts, or who would simply like to learn more about this ancient tradition of astrology." 
Index of National Horoscopes  
Project Hindsight Robert Schmidt's Project Hindsight 
Reviewing the Gems of Heritage Astrology The Astrology Project is a collaboration exploring the many dimensions of astrology. It ranges through the wide context of the subject’s identity, history and philosophy, including many sociological facets. Traditional technical and symbolic components of astrology will be investigated, both in theory, and in practice as an applied craft.  
Saturn Return Stories "We had noticed so many examples of Saturn returns in the news that we decided to collect them into a blog. The Saturn return is easy to study in this way because a full chart is not needed; as long as someone is within the 28-30 or 58-60 age range, they are almost certainly experiencing this transit. If you have an interesting Saturn return story to share, either your own or from someone else, then please send it to us…" 
The Historical Ephemeris from -600 to 2200  Astrological tables and historical timelines demonstrating the relationship between world historical trends/events and planetary movements for the use of historians and astrologers  
Your Astrology Now Interview with Doug Noblehorse An MP3 of my interview on Brenda Black's Your Astrology Now! 
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