It is time to invest in Los Cabos Real Estate?

Investing in real estate in Los Cabos has always been an attractive option for those who desire diversity in their investment portfolio and the obvious benefits aside from the appreciation, perfect weather year round, closest international resort destination from the U.S. warm beautiful beaches, dotted with amazing homes and condominiums nestled among signature golf courses are the norm, not the exception. Think about this…you wake up some morning, have that first cup of coffee turn on CNN and learn that the stock market lost a bunch of points and you lost a bunch of money…we all know that is a very real and very scary proposition….on the other hand, you invested some of your capital in some beachfront or ocean view real estate in Los Cabos, you get up in the morning, have that first cup of coffee, turn on the weather channel, call your travel agent and book a short flight to Los Cabos. I need not ask which scenario you prefer.

Buying real estate in Los Cabos is safe, it’s easy and it’s profitable. There are plenty of reliable property managers in town that can usually keep your property rented 100% of the time, being a high demand resort destination, rental properties usually command extremely high average rates, short term vacation rentals and long term as well.

The true benefit in owning property in Los Cabos is your peace of mind, and speaking of peace, our next entry will be dedicated to the other “peace” La Paz, capitol city of the state of Baja California Sur, a short 2 hour scenic drive from Los Cabos and known as the sleepy older sister of bustling Los Cabos.