A Selection of Books with Heritage Tourism Content Part Three


A Selection of Books with Heritage Tourism Content Part Three 


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Cultural tourism   

Author: Ivanovic, Milena.

Publication: Cape Town, South Africa : Juta, 2008




A report on the International Conference on

"Cultural Tourism and Local Communities"

Yogyakarta, Indonesia 8-10 February 2006.

Meeting Name: International Conference on Cultural Tourism

and Local Communities. (2006 : Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Publication: Madrid, Spain : World Tourism Organization, 2006




Past trends and future prospects of the American city :

the dynamics of Atlanta  

Author: Sjoquist, David L.

Publication: Lanham : Lexington Books, 2009




Cultural tourism : tourism at world heritage cultural sites :

the site manager's handbook  

Publication: Madrid, Spain : World Tourism Organization, 1993




Using natural and cultural heritage to develop sustainable tourism :

in non-traditional tourist destinations.

Publication: Brussels, Belgium :

Directorate-General for Enterprise, Tourism Unit, 2002




Inconvenient heritage : erasure and global tourism in Luang Prabang  

Author: Dearborn, Lynne M.; Stallmeyer, John C.

Publication: Walnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast Press, 2010




Case studies in festival and event marketing and cultural tourism  

Author: Ali-Knight, Jane.; Chambers, Donna.

Publication: Eastbourne : Leisure Studies Association, 2006




Imperial Japan at its zenith :

the wartime celebration of the empire's 2,600th anniversary   

Author: Ruoff, Kenneth J.   

Publication: Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 2010




In search of heritage : as pilgrim or tourist?   

Author: Fladmark, J. M.

Publication: Shaftesbury, Dorset : Donhead, 1998




The Virginia Indian Heritage Trail   

Author: Wood, Karenne,

Publication: Charlottesville, Va. :

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, 2007




Heritage, tourism and society /

Author: Herbert, David T.

Publication: [New York] : Pinter, 1997, 1995




The stranger, the native and the land :

perspectives on indigenous tourism /

Author: Notzke, Claudia    

Publication: Concord, Ont. : Captus Press, 2006




Heritage, place, and community  

Author: Dicks, Bella.

Publication: Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 2000




Preservation pays :

tourism and the economic benefits of conserving historic buildings  

Author: Binney, Marcus.; Hanna, Max,

Publication: London : Save Britain's Heritage, 1978




Managing visitor attractions : new directions  

Author: Fyall, Alan.; Garrod, B.

Publication: Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002




Contemporary perspectives on tourism   

Author: Wall, Geoffrey.

Publication: Waterloo, Ont. :

Dept. of Geography, University of Waterloo, 2001




Study on the concepts and realities

of social and solidarity tourism in Africa.

Publication: Madrid, Spain : World Tourism Organization 2007




Postcards from Acadie :

Grand Pré, Evangeline and the Acadian identity  

Author: Le Blanc, Barbara   

Publication: Kentville, NS : Gaspereau Press, 2003




Promotion of Buddhist tourism circuits in selected Asian countries   

Publication: New York : United Nations, 2003




Cultural attractions and European tourism  

Author: Richards, Greg.

Publication: Wallingford, UK ; New York : CABI Pub., 2001




Cultural resources for tourism : patterns, processes and policies   

Author: Jansen-Verbeke, Myriam.; Priestley, Gerda K.

Publication: New York : Nova Science Publishers, 2008




A history of country house visiting :

five centuries of tourism and taste   

Author: Tinniswood, Adrian  

Publication: Oxford : Basil Blackwell, 1989




Havre de Grace heritage corridor plan

Corp Author: Havre de Grace (Md.).,

Heritage Corridor Steering Committee.

Publication: [Annapolis, Md.?] :

Printed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

for the Chesapeake Bay Program, 1997




Getting started : how to succeed in heritage tourism   

Publication: [Washington, D.C.] :

National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States, 1993




The pleasure principle : sport for the sake of pleasure   

Author: Andrews, David L.,

Publication: Durham, NC : Duke University Press, 2006




Tourism and change in polar regions :

climate, environments and experiences  

Author: Hall, Colin Michael,; Saarinen, Jarkko,

Publication: Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon [England] ;

New York : Routledge, 2010




Cultural tourism research methods  

Author: Richards, Greg.; Munsters, Wil.

Publication: Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK ;

Cambridge, Mass. : CABI, 2010




Cultural tourism and heritage management   

Author: Singh, Shalini.

Publication: Jaipur : Rawat Publications, 1994




Tourism and heritage relationships :

global, national and local perspectives  

Author: Robinson, Mike,

Publication: Sunderland :

Centre for Travel and Tourism

in association with Business Education Publishers, 2000




Economic value of tourism to places of cultural heritage significance :

a case study of three towns with mining heritage  

Author: Cegielski, Michele.

Publication: Canberra : Australian Heritage Commission, 2001




Events and festivals : education, impacts and experiences   

Author: Jordan, Fiona.; Fleming, Scott.

Publication: Eastbourne : Leisure Studies Association, 2006




Promotion of cultural tourism as a factor of development of the regions  

Corp Author: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe.

Publication: Strasbourg Cedex : Council of Europe Pub., 2005




The politics of ruins and the business of nostalgia  

Author: Peleggi, Maurizio.

Publication: Bangkok, Thailand : White Lotus Press, 2002




Sustainable marketing of cultural and heritage tourism   

Author: Chhabra, Deepack, 1963-

Publication: Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ;

New York : Routledge, 2010




America's 400th anniversary :

Jamestown 2007 Steering Committee report.

Corp Author: Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.,

Celebration 2007 Steering Committee.

Publication: Williamsburg, Va. :

Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, 2008




Canada's visual arts tourism enthusiasts :

a special analysis of the Travel Activities

and Motivation Survey (TAMS) /

Publication: [Ottawa] : Canadian Tourism Commission, 2003




Endangered heritage  

Publication: Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2000




Keystone treasures :

a guide to museums and historical organizations in Pennsylvania  

Author: Cutler, Jean.

Publication: Harrisburg, Pa. :

Pennsylvania Federation of Museums and Historical Organizations,





Tourists in historic towns :

urban conservation and heritage management /

Author: Orbasli, Aylin  

Publication: New York : E & FN Spon, 2000




Heritage for the future :

realising the economic and social potential of a key asset.

Publication: Strasbourg Cedex : Council of Europe Pub., 2005




Canada's heritage tourism enthusiasts :

a special analysis of the

Travel Activities and Motivation Survey (TAMS) /

Publication: [Ottawa] : Canadian Tourism Commission, 2003




Westsylvania heritage trail :

a guide to Southwest Pennsylvania's historic places  

Author: Hope, John G.; Seitz, Blair.

Publication: Harrisburg, PA : RB Books, 2001




China : world heritage sites  

Author: Cao, Nanyan.

Publication: New York : Barnes & Noble, 2007




Canada's performing arts tourism enthusiasts :

a special analysis of the Travel Activities

and Motivation Survey (TAMS) /

Publication: [Ottawa] : Canadian Tourism Commission, 2003




Leisure, space and visual culture :

practices and meanings  

Author: Aitchison, Cara.; Pussard, Helen.

Publication: Brighton : Leisure Studies Association, 2004




The ethnography of time :

living with history in modern rural France  

Author: Hodges, Matt. Publication:

Lewiston, N.Y. : Edwin Mellen Press, 2007




Quality issues in heritage visitor attractions  

Author: Drummond, Siobhan.; Yeoman, Ian.

Publication: Oxford ; Boston : Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000




Interpreting the land down under   

Author: Weiler, B.; Black, Rosemary.

Publication: Golden, Col. : Fulcrum Pub., 2003




Demand for Maori eco-cultural tourism  

Author: Wilson, Jude. Publication:

Lincoln, N.Z. : Manaaki Whenua Press, Landcare Research, 2006




Share your heritage :

cultural heritage tourism success stories  

Author: Dane, Suzanne G.

Publication: Washington, D.C. :

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2001




Successful tourism at heritage places :

a guide for tourism operators, heritage managers and communities.

Publication: Canberra :

Australian Heritage Commission and CRC for Sustainable Tourism,





From tourist attractions to heritage tourism  

Author: Yale, Pat  

Publication: Huntingdon : Elm, 1997




Developing heritage tourism in New Zealand   

Author: Warren, Julie A. N.; Taylor, C. Nicholas.

Publication: Wellington [N.Z.] :

Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment, 2001




Heritage tourism : partnerships and possibilities  

Publication: Nashville, Tenn. : American Association for State and Local History ; Denver, Colo. : National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1994




Tourism and applied anthropologists : linking theory and practice  

Author: Wallace, James M. Tim.

Publication: Arlington, VA :

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology, 2005




From heritage to terrorism :

regulating tourism in an age of uncertainty  

Author: Simpson, Brian.; Simpson, Cheryl.

Publication: New York : Routledge, 2011




Stories across America : opportunities for rural tourism  

Author: Dane, Suzanne G.

Publication: [Washington, D.C.] :

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2001




Tourism and heritage management   

Author: Nuryanti, Wiendu.

Publication: Yogyakarta, Indonesia :

Gadjah Mada University Press, 1997




The financial viability of heritage tourism attractions :

three cases from rural Australia  

Author: Frost, Warwick.

Publication: Caulfield East, Vic. :

Dept. of Management, Monash University, 2001




From Stonehenge to Samarkand :

an anthology of archaeological travel writing

Author: Fagan, Brian M.

Publication: New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2006




Cultural and heritage tourism in Asia and the Pacific.

Author: Prideaux, Bruce.; Timothy, Dallen.

Publication: Routledge 2006




World heritage sites of China  

Author: Cao, Nanyan.; Lian, Sun.

Publication: London : Compendium, 2007




A future for archaeology : the past in the present /

Author: Layton, Robert,; Shennan, Stephen., and others

Publication: Walnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast Press, 2006




Just who do your customers think you are? :

a guide to branding your organization  

Author: Deutsch, Jennifer.; Real, Tamara.

Publication: Lansing, MI : Michigan Museums Association, 2002




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