Karate Do

NOTE:    As of Feb 28th, 2009, Sensei Debbie and Rick Gonzalez have closed down Heritage Martial Arts Academy location at 2212 Gladwin Crescent. I will still be teaching privately, but not operating in a commercial martial arts academy.

Rick Gonzalez

Karate Do - Introduction

At Heritage Martial Arts we study a traditional style of Japanese / Okinawan Karate. We teach Karate-do (Japanese for "the way of the open hand" or "the way of the empty hand"). Our system is a blend of Chito-Ryu and Shotokan styles of Karate, called the Chito-Kai Karate System. This is the system of karate as taught to me by my instructor, Sensei Perry Ross. Some changes have been made with the addition of concepts from other styles and more modern training equipment.

The Martial Arts curriculum consists of traditional karate; Kihon, Katas, and Kumite. At the intermediate level free style kumite, self-defense, and grappling techniques are stressed to ensure a no-nonsense approach to self-defense. At the advanced level weapons training is introduced with the emphasis on practical and traditional usage. Being an open system of Karate the curriculum changes ever so slightly, to accommodate the training needs and levels of the students. The latest addition being pressure point theory and Stick / Knife Defence and Fighting at the Black Belt level.

Sensei Rick Gonzalez and Sensei Debbie Gonzalez offer a family oriented martial arts program. Our primary concern is to offer quality, effective, and safe Karate instruction in the local community. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable environment in which students can learn self-defense, self-discipline and attain physical well-being. Our school also prides itself on its family atmosphere. Unlike more traditional schools, our students learn in a more relaxed atmosphere. Proper respect for Instructors (Sensei) and upper students (Sempai) is taught and students observe traditional courtesy. However, the students learn in an atmosphere of encouragement rather that in a more traditional environment.

Rick Gonzalez,
Chief Instructor,
Heritage Martial Arts.

Heritage Martial Arts (until formally closing in 2009) was a proud member of Karate Ontario, the Provincially sanctioned organization governing karate in Ontario.  We were also members on The National Karate Association and World Karate Federation.  

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