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The GFWC Home Life Community Service Program is designed to inform members of issues that affect the well-being of individuals, families, and communities by providing opportunities and resources to meet and address needs through volunteering. Through this program, clubs may develop and implement creative projects that promote a healthy lifestyle; increase awareness, prevention, research, and treatment of disease; target personal development; address the issues of hunger, inadequate housing, and homelessness; and/or prevent or correct financial difficulties.

Program ideas are endless. Consider projects that address issues such as women’s health; identify theft prevention; supporting service dog programs; people with disabilities; healthy lifestyles; and childcare.


        • Learn the basic facts about gynecologic cancer, including risk factors and screening options.
        • Assess and quantify specific needs of local citizens
        • Research problems in your community that are largely unaddressed, and identify those who are              underserved.
        • Plan programs on women’s heart health.
        • Organize or participate in health fairs and forums.
        • Create a resource list of local women’s clinics and health centers and distribute it at shelters,                  places of worship, and libraries.
        • Promote healthy self-esteem and self-worth.
        • Incorporate fitness activities into your club activities, including walking or yoga.
        • Organize financial workshops for women, retirees, single parents, and/or college students.
        • Promote correct information through the Center for Disease Control at www.CDC.gov.
        • Work with local food banks and homeless shelters to provide needed donations, stock shelves,              and other volunteer services.
        • Partner with a local nursing home or mental health facility to enhance the quality of life for the                  elderly and disabled.
        • Learn about heart health and share this information with others.
        • Start an exercise group in your club, then initiate a weight loss challenge in your club and keep               track of pounds lost.
        • Work with local agencies that provide supportive services to the homeless and mentally                          challenged by volunteering at fundraisers and local events.
        • Organize clothing drives.

Source:  The 2012-2014 GFWC Club Manual

Teddy Bear Luncheon

Heritage League Members and Child Advocacy Center Representatives, pictured from left, Kathy Bolkovac, CAC training director; Barbara Reynolds; Jill Klingensmith, CAC administrative assistant; Marge Duncan; Mary Riley; (seated) Janice Crewdson.

The Heritage League of Lincoln presented 75 teddy bears to the Child Advocacy Center in December.

The bears were collected at the club's annual Teddy Bear Luncheon held at The Landing on Dec. 17. Admission to the luncheon was at least one teddy bear.

The teddy bears will be given to child victims of physical abuse and/or sexual abuse or children who have witnessed a crime. Each child's siblings will also be offered a teddy bear. The teddy bears give comfort to the children during the interview process.

The Child Advocacy Center provides a safe, child-friendly place for multi-disciplinary interviews and medical evaluations of children. It is expected that over 1,000 children will be seen at the center in 2014. The number has steadily increased since the center opened in 2000, when 240 children seen in the center’s first year. Officials attribute part of the increase to better reporting.

Nebraska law requires anyone suspecting child abuse to report it to law enforcement. Among the children seen, 79% allege sexual abuse, 99% know their abuser, 74% are under the age of 12, and 66% of the time the abuser is a family member.

The Heritage League is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the oldest and largest women's volunteer organization in America.

January 10, 2014 8:35 am
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