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  1. Land or Boundary Survey: The primary purpose this survey includes, but is not limited to, determining the perimeters of a parcel or tract of land by establishing or re-establishing corners, monuments, and boundary lines for the purposes of describing and locating fixed improvements, platting or dividing the parcel and preparing description(s) of the parcel of land.(example: Lot surveys, Farm surveys, Family subdivisions, Minor subdivisions(county), certificates to subdivide(city),
  2. Construction Layout Survey: A survey of the measurements made, prior to or while construction is in progress, to control elevation, horizontal position and dimensions, and configuration. (example: staking out a house, building, driveway, basement, etc)
  3. Record Survey or As-Built Survey: A survey performed to obtain horizontal and vertical dimensional (as required) data so that the constructed improvements may be located and delineated.( example: A site plan showing all improvements on the property "as built" currently)
  4. Geodetic Survey: A survey of areas and points affected by and taking into account the curvature of the earth.
  5. Control Survey: A survey which provides horizontal or vertical position data for the support or control of a subordinate survey or for mapping.
  6. Topographic Survey: A survey of the natural and selected man-made features of a part of the earth's surface by remote sensing and/or ground measurements to determine horizontal and vertical spatial relations.
  7. Right-of-Way and Easement Survey: A survey for the purpose of obtaining specific rights into property for public or private use. (example: Utility Easement( electric, sewer, water), Ingress-Egress Easements(driveways), etc.)
  8. Morgage Survey or Boundary & Improvement Survey for the purpose of securing a mortgage loan on property. This survey shows any imrovements on the interior of the property. (example: buildings, concrete, driveways, fences, ponds, etc.). This survey shows the boundary corners and lines as well.
  9. Specific Purpose Survey: A survey performed for a specified purpose other than as defined above.( example: setting one boundary corner, or one boundary line)
  10. Elevation certificates (note: Where a base flood elevation is available from the federal, state, county, or city governments)