Heritage Land Services is a fairly new company In North Alabama with our Surveyor, Nabrin "Nabe" Harris, having over 20 years experience in the area. The company was established by Mr. Harris in September 16, 2010 with a few investors.  We have experience in: Small lot surveys of subdivision lots, up to thousands of acres; Small commercial surveys to multimillion dollar projects; Small lot division to a multi-tract large acreage auction division; Minor subdivisions to all the land surveying aspects of major subdivisions; Family divisions; Topographic surveys; Morgage/loan surveys; Easement surveys; Construction surveys; A.L.T.A/A.C.S.M. surveys; Elevation certificates; Percolation tests.
Our goal is to do a prompt, thorough, and dependable job at a reasonable cost.
THOROUGH: We will find and check ever corner on your property. If we don't find it we will set it with a 1/2 inch rebar 18 inches long with a plastic cap stamped " HERITAGE CA-938-LS" per Alabama Standards of Practice. We  take no property corners for granted each one is treated individually and confirmed with other corners on and off the property. Every deed is traced from the deed's Point of Commencent to the Point of Beginning through the deed description back to the Point of Beginning. Any difference in Bearing or distances are noted on you survey. We pull each of your adjoiners deeds touching your property and sometimes deeds that are touching those to check for any deed errors, overlaps, gaps, etc., which if found will be shown on your survey.  We survey and show any fences of other encroachments near or on the property line and show them on your survey. We strive to maintain survey accuracy levels above what is required by Alabama Standards of Practice for Land Surveyors in which all licensed Land Surveyors in Alabama must follow.
DEPENDABLE: We will be there when we say we will be. We will go to court with you if necessary and back our surveys up to anyone. We will work with you and keep you updated on the progress of your survey as often as you like. If you have any problems finding any corner we will come out and walk you through each corner. All corners will be exposed with a flagged orange painted stake next to it. Any questions you have regarding your plat of survey or field survey we will answer them to the best of our ability. We will work with your attorney, contractor, loan officer, realtor, or anyone else involved in the project.
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You can reach us at:
office:  256-233-7883
fax:     256-233-7843