Identity Service allows you to make public the "identity" of a product or an individual, creating microsites directly accessible via unique QR codes.
These microsites are optimized for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones, tablet provided with a connection to the Web), quickly displaying their data, with limited exchange of data over the network.
Always informed, on the palm of your hand!

In its basic version (FREE) Identity Service provides, upon registration, the ability to manage an own submission page, providing the code HereQR! (QR code) that uniquely allows a direct address to the microsite of reference, giving the chance to create an own Virtual Business Card, distributable in a traditional (printed), innovative (displayed directly on your smartphone) or creative (printed on accessories, posters, brochures, tattooed ...) way.
Each registered user has the opportunity to store his preferred/known Individuals and Products,
creating a personal Contact List always available, ensuring you always updated information on them.
  • To experiment a new, fast and funny way to exchange your contacts using your phone.
  • To group into a unique personal microsite all your web "Identities" (Facebook, Twitter, Skype...)
  • To promote in an innovative way yourself, your website, your blog, your products.
  • To use your creativity finding how to utilize your HereQR! codes.
  • To help Identity grow up with your comments, ideas, suggestions.
  • Because it's FREE!
  • Identity for a Company

    INFORM the User, increasing its AWARENESS of the product and providing Producers the opportunity to PROMOTE themselves, increase CUSTOMERS' LOYALTY and indirectly MEASURE its marketing ability .

    Identity for a Private

    Easily UPDATE data on PERSONAL MICROSITES, making them available through a VIRTUAL BUSINESS CARD used in INNOVATIVE ways, creating a PUBLIC EVALUATION SYSTEM.