Greetings, This is K M Rakibul Islam. I am a passionate Software Engineer, currently working at theScore Inc,  one of the most popular sports app in the world. Prior to joining theScore, I worked as a Software Engineer at Quandl and Kona Software Lab. I consider myself a technology independent developer having solid understanding of Object Oriented Design, Database Systems Design, Highly Scalable and Fault-tolerant System Design, Algorithms and Data Structures.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering with distinction from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2012 and my Master's  in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto in 2016.

My undergraduate thesis was on "Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Mixed Mutation Strategy and Fitness Tracking Information" and I worked on different types of Evolutionary Algorithms and Genetic Algorithms during that research period. I have also worked on different "OpenStreetMap Projects" in Bangladesh and worked as a volunteer researcher in "Human-Technology Interaction" research group. 
My research at the University of Toronto was focused on Big Data and Data Analytics.

I have a passion for developing user friendly softwares and elegant web applications and I am in a mission of making this world a better place by building softwares and web applications for good purposes and most importantly with good people.