Football Rules

Football has 17 laws and these are listed below. Use this as a reference for football rules with the laws of the game published here. Ideal for those wanting to learn or not sure of the answers. Rules such as the offside rule, is always a good topic of conversation to start with.

When is the player offside?
And when is the player not offside?
These questions obviously only matter to those playing 9v9 or 11v11 as mini soccer doesn't use the offside rule.
Over the next coming months this resource of rules is planned to cover all aspects of the game of football.

What are the field dimensions?

The field of play rules


What size should the ball be?

The rules of the ball


 Should a team have 11 players?

Number of player rules


 Can a player play without shin pads?

Player equipment rules


Can a referee change his mind?

Referee rules

LAW 5 

 Do assistant ref's give decisions? 

Assistant referee rules


 How many minutes should be played?

Match duration rules


 When is play stopped?

Starting & Re-starting rules


What if the ball is on the line?

The ball in & out of play rules

LAW 9 

 How are games won or lost?

The method of scoring rules

LAW 10

 When is a player on or offside?

Offside Rule

LAW 11 

 When is a free kick given?

Fouls & misconduct rules

LAW 12

 When is an indirect free kick awarded?

Free kick rules

LAW 13

 When's a penalty goal ruled out?

Penalty rules

LAW 14

 What is a foul throw?

Throw-in rules

LAW 15

Can a goal kick be passed in the box?

Goal kick rules

LAW 16

When are corners awarded?

Corner kick rules

LAW 17

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