Affiliated Merchants

As FC Phoenix Football Club grows we gain trust and a loyal following. These loyal followers come from all walks of life and although we are based in Hereford in England, United Kingdom we have followers from as far away as Hong Kong which is just amazing. We're not sure if they know who we are or if they are just interested in supporting our club because they found us on the internet. What we do know is that where ever our supporters come from we want to show our thanks and appreciation and try to give them something back and give them another reason to come back to visit us at

M&M Sports Direct New Daily Deals

Below are the FC Phoenix affiliated merchants which have been growing and growing. Our sponsorship's have increased and hopefully when the time comes we can make plans to progress even further. Player family members are the more likely sponsors and some of them work for some of the biggest companies in the UK. Occasionally and perhaps more importantly as we come into the festive season we will get special offers for our supporters and they will be listed below. Please take time to look at these companies as affiliation with these companies could make our future a lot brighter!