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If you live in the 5th District:
Please print the two sided PLATFORM FLYER below, in color if possible, and distribute to your friends, family and neighbors in the 5th district.  A grassroots campaign that doesn't accept special interest, developer, and outside the district contributions
if everybody pitches in just a little,

Thank you and God Bless.


The Herd Homeless Relief Plan (HHRP)

Priority #1 - Solve the homeless crisis by helping the homeless off the streets, into shelters and then into prefab homes on property owned or acquired by the city.  All shelters will be opened 24/7/365. under the Herd Homeless Relief Plan.  Currently shelters are closed for half of the year and when they are open they kick everyone out at 5 a.m. daily and return them to the streets. 

For years Los Angeles has had a homeless problem but over the past 7 yrs. it has gotten far worse than ever before.  I have first hand knowledge of this challenge having lived in Venice Beach.  

As homeless people continue to die on our streets, our current leaders do little to address this crisis.   However, with an election coming up they seek political cover and have come up with another bad solution that taxes commercial and residential property owners 1.2 billion (HHH).  What they haven't supplied us with are the details, like where's the money going?

The City Council would like us to pony up 1.2 billion more in commercial and residential property taxes to pay for their tax and spend plan to fix the homeless crisis.  Unfortunately our leaders have a bad habit of wasting money.  The same would be no different here as they are proposing $500K condos go to each homeless person while thousands upon thousands lie cold on our city streets.  That scheme wouldn't fix 1/10th of the problem.  However, under the Herd Homeless Relief Plan, by utilizing vacant city or county land acquired by the city, we can place prefab housing on said land and save 90% of the cost per unit.  In other words we could house 10x more people with prefab homes that cost 10k than with the city plan that spends over 300k per unit of housing.  These types of homes placed on land the city already owns or could acquire would provide a place for the homeless to go and somewhere they would be proud to call home for now. The HHRP calls for an IMMEDIATE opening of ALL city shelters 24/7/365 to help get people off the streets today and increased funding for more shelters.  We need to get these folks off the streets TODAY, not decades from now or never at all.  Once the prefab homes are in place folks can move out of the shelters and into real temporary homes and begin a new life with new possibilities including transitioning into homeownership or something else, who knows?  This plan is what the city needs while Paul's plan is another porkbelly project where 1/2 the money will be wasted and the problem will persist so more money can be requested again in the future.   The Herd Homeless Relief Plan includes mitigation meetings with all stakeholders living near proposed locations but the locations will hopefully be on raw land acquired from the county where few stakeholders if any reside.  The people should decide.  (Pictured below: A 10k home)

Reckless Over Development - As communities in Los Angeles organize into Neighborhood Councils to advise the City Council, the City Council continues to ignore their pleas to stop reckless over development.  I was a founding board member of the Westwood Neighborhood Council and also served on the land use committee for four years from 2010 to 2014.  We fought UCLA on many land use issues.  We won on just about every one of them.  The problem in Los Angeles, however, is that the City Council doesn't respect the specific plans and community plans set in place to protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  Paul Koretz has been nothing short of a developers dream Councilman and much of his contributions come from developers and their families.   Paul Koretz and the City Council don't care about the community and upholding and supporting specific and community plans because there's no money in it at election time.  When you get 8 post cards from Paul Koretz at election time and end up voting for him because you believed his slick mailings, remember this, you are voting for someone who is DESTROYING your community by helping developers add reckless over development that our communities cannot handle.  As your Councilman I will stand up for the specific  and community plans and not let developers have their way.  I will also push to expedite the completion of new community plans that are long overdo.  I understand real estate issues well, my father  (Alan A. Herd) was President of the National Association of Realtors Beverly Hills/Greater L.A. in 2009 and a Lifetime Award recipient in 2014.  My mom was a Jewish school teacher, my dad, a U.S Marine.   They raised my three siblings and I  to be honest and hard working contributors to the community.  My family has volunteered for many  philanthropic causes since moving to the 5th district in 1969.  I grew up in Westwood, attended Fairburn Elementary, Emerson, Harvard - Westlake and Uni.   I want to preserve the quality and character of the 5th district and I have more than enough experience to do so.  If elected I will put together a team of dedicated community activists who I have known for years and who want to preserve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.