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#1 - Paul Koretz is UNDER INVESTIGATION!!!!!
State Investigates Campaign Donations to Mayor Garcetti and City Council (read article)

Paul Koretz accepts donations (donation link) from developer Rick Caruso and supports his massive project at 185 ft., which is over HALF A FOOTBALL FIELD HIGHH and 140 ft. OVER what the specific plan alllows),   Only Mark Herd objects to the Caruso project completely as it violates the specific plan.  Mark Herd is the only candidate in this race to REFUSE developer and special interest donations inside or outside of the district.  Jesse Creed's last job was with a law firm that represents DEVELOPERS!  Mark Herd is also the only candidate in this race to openly support Measure S and openly advocate for a reversal in recent sales and property tax increases advocated by Paul Koretz.

Los Angeles Times (2/14/13):   "Both Koretz and his challenger, campaign consultant Mark Matthew Herd, are well versed on the issues that matter to residents of the district, which stretches from Westwood to Beverly Hills and across to the Hollywood Hills, and from Encino to just south of the Santa Monica Freeway. Each has a sensible vision for dealing with local development, arguing for limited growth that balances the economic interests of neighborhoods — i.e., keeping and creating jobs — with the need to control traffic.

Our biggest concern with Koretz is his lackluster leadership on fiscal issues. He's been an honest voice on the council but not always a fiscally prudent one. For instance, he supports Proposition A, a measure on the March ballot that would raise the city's sales tax by half a cent"

PRESERVE LA - Nov. 2016 - "A City Council and mayoral plan to address L.A.’s homeless emergency with fast-built homeless housing on 12 parcels of city land has turned into a farce, with developers this week proposing everything from “affordable” to luxury housing"  (read article)

Governor Bill Weld of Massachusetts endorses Mark M. Herd for Los Angeles City Council (October 5th, 2017)

CITY WATCH LA  -  Angelenos Pay a Steep Price for Bad City Planning      Dick Platkin   /   23 NOVEMBER 2016
PLATKIN ON PLANNING - Cities, like Los Angeles, have no shortage of politically inspired schemes to sandbag good city planning, especially the successful updating of their General Plan.
     *  Understaff and sideline the units responsible for maintaining the General Plan.
     *  Prepare the General Plan's elements out of sequence.
     *  Implement the General Plan through new zoning ordinances adopted before the plan is
         actually updated.
     *  Neglect monitoring and enacting mid-course corrections to the plan.

City Watch - Los Angeles 11-18-16  Councilman Koretz Puzzling Support of Bel Air Monster Mansion has Judge Scratching His Head In March, 2014, the Koretz led City Council overrode the unanimous decision of the West LA Area Planning Commission to reject the variance for the Bel Air spec house and approved a 50 foot height variance for the Beverly Hills developers.  But that is par for the course as these litigious developers, along with members of their families, have “invested” almost $60,000 in City elections, including very generous contributions to City Council President Herb Wesson and Jose Huizar, the chair of the favor granting Planning and Land Use Management Committee.  (Read article)  

May 15th, 2016 Mark M. Herd organizes and co-produces the ONLY ALL candidate U.S. Senate (CA) Debate in Monterey California. 

YouTube Video

Nov. 2016  CD5 Coalition of HOA's re: Mark Herd "We believe you have sufficient neighborhood, HOA and NC experience to make you a viable candidate for the CD5 seat."      #Viable=CapableOfWorkingSuccesfully!

In 2014 Congessional candidate Mark Herd was considered one of the toughest antiwar candidates (out of 21)
From the article:

by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor  (May 7, 2014)

Libertarian Mark Matthew Herd, a Westwood Neighborhood Councilman, also embraces tough talk. He does not shy away from naming the "military industrial complex" or defending Muslims against false charges (still a controversial stance among many conservatives and even some libertarians).

Here's an excerpt from Herd's website

"It seems odd to describe the years since the start of the 21st century as a relatively peaceful time, but that is because, as Americans, we are living with a military-industrial complex whose financial future depends on keeping us as scared as possible for as long as possible....

"The military budget of the United States, conservatively measured at around $700 billion (but probably closer to $1 trillion once all security measures and veteran benefits are considered), is approximately equal to all of the military budgets of all other countries combined. If the US military budget were cut in half, it would still be the largest in the world. Then, if it were cut in half again, it would STILL be the largest in the world. Then, if it were cut in half a third time, reduced to only one-eighth its current size, it would STILL be the largest in the world. And that's using the conservative measure.  (More)

June 18, 2016 - Mark M. Herd announces candidacy for Los Angeles City Council CD5  (Below) Social Media Campaign Ad

YouTube Video

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