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Hercules Sustainable Community Garden Foundation (HSCGF) has been partnering with the City of Hercules Recreation Department since Spring 2008 to develop a community garden program in Hercules.  The Hercules City Council has generously provided the initial funding for infrastructure development at our main garden center, which is scheduled to begin construction in Spring 2009.  The main garden center will be located in Ohlone Park (pending final approval), in the undeveloped area above the baseball field.

 Community gardens can play an important role in establishing a sense of community identity and culture.  They contribute to the overall “look and feel” of a community, creating new venues in which local residents can meet and interact.  Even non-gardeners will enjoy walking through a peaceful garden, observing nature’s passage from seed to harvest. 

Our main garden center will be a multi-use facility.  It will include leased garden plots where local residents can grow their own vegetables and flowers, a school garden program similar to the Edible Schoolyard program in Berkeley, and a gardening education center that will provide classes in topics such as composting, organic gardening, fruit tree pruning, growing heirloom tomatoes, starting a winter vegetable garden, etc. 




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Our Mission is to promote and support sustainable, organic community and school gardens in Hercules and the surrounding communities, and to provide educational classes on sustainable, organic gardening techniques to the local community.

 Over the next few years, we hope to add greenhouse facilities, a small orchard, and perhaps a mini-vineyard at the main garden center.  We plan to celebrate the diversity within our community by developing a series of cultural gardens that remind us of our heritage. Once the main garden center is complete, we hope to expand our garden network to include smaller, local gardens scattered throughout the city. 


Community gardens will compliment Hercules' long-term development goals of abundant open spaces and parks, proactive citizens (groups), green environments and a better community.  They will provide a “common ground” on which diverse members of the community can meet and interact, sharing knowledge and building relationships, while enhancing the environment for all community members.   Please join us in building this program for all of us to share.