Hello there!  Welcome to my on-line 'home:'  A place to share my thoughts and humor, and perhaps a recipe or two. 

If you stumbled on this page and don't know who I am, let me introduce myself.  My name is Herb Klug and I've lived in sunny Florida since 2000.  Before that I called Rochester, NY home for about 18 years.  And before that?  I was a virtual nomad never living anywhere more than 3 years.  I was OK with that, but my girls weren't, and I loved my job, so a long stay in the Rochester area seemed tailor-made for us.  

Going way back before my Rochester days, it seems like just a few years ago that I was a blond-haired imp who was always bugging his older brothers, and certainly not more than a couple of years ago that I graduated from High School, but the simple truth is 2014 was the 50-year anniversary of that graduation!  50 years!!!   I certainly don't feel like it was 50 years ago, but the calendar is faithful at marking the time.  And where has that time gone?  Marriage, children, jobs, grandchildren, a lot of houses and a lot of moves to different locales - it all adds up. 

But this is not a sad site!  No!  This is a happy site!  Laughter keeps you young, food keeps you alive, and good food...  Well, who doesn't like good food? 

My first attempt to populate this site with something humorous will be to publish my list of phunny names.  Rather than explain the 'rules' for that list, I invite you to go to the page and get ready to have your phunny bone tickled!

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