Prairie Moon Herbs began in 1997, in Vermillion, South Dakota. Inspired by the full prairie moon when our first child was born. Grace is a Registered Nurse with a focus on Public Health.
We are a 15 acre farm growing organic medicinal and culinary herbs and vegetables. We offer many classes throughout the year, usually through University of South Dakota's Community Ed classes. You will find us at the Vermillion Area Farmer's market whenever we can make it. We can always be contacted for more information and custom orders.
Grace learned bee keeping from the best, in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin and continues that tradition here on the prairie. Pure honey is available as the season permits.
Grace has studied herbal medicine for a number of years and is currently continuing her education in herbs and nursing through a graduate program in Integrative Health. Grace is also a Certified Lactation Consultant, offering private breastfeeding education and assistance post-partum.
Grace has developed a line of herbal teas with ingredients grown right here on the farm and dedicated to the prairie she lives in.
Vermillion Sunset is her signature tea, combining mints with mellowing chamomile, and zingy lemongrass and hibiscus flowers.
Other herbal products include Herbal Salve created with beeswax from her bees, lotions, body oils, spritzers for aromatherapy, bath and massage oils, and bath salts. All are available for sale at Farmer's Markets, event sales, and direct sales when requested.
Grace grows her plants in a greenhouse before setting them out for the season. All plants, with the focus on herbs, are available for sale and can be shipped. Potted herbs sell for $2 each.

Items for sale:
  • Herbal salve or lip balm, $2/small
  • Body Oil, 4 ounces, $4
  • Vermillion Sunset Tea, $2/8 tea bags
  • Seasonal honey, $9/pint
Please call for questions and more information: 605-670-0540, or email us at: herbsprairiemoon@gmail.com

Please be patient with us as we construct our site! We will add photos of products and include all ingredients, etc! Please know it is all made by hand with care, right here on the prairie to share with you and your loved ones.
You can come stay with us, through Air BnB, too! Look for Prairie Farmhouse Camping Cabins.