Herbsense is a small business in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, that satisfies a taste for locally grown garden and farm products that can be harvested, produced, packed and sold fresh. I make several types of pestos, depending what is in season at the time, and make mild and medium-hot salsas. I also sell fresh cut herbs and flowers at reasonable prices. Freshness is the key.

   Pesto is a classic sauce originating in Genoa in the Liguria region of northern Italy. Pesto is commonly used on pasta, but has numerous other uses ranging from flavoring meats and poultry, to as a spread for crackers, breads, vegetables, or added to pizza. It also makes a great dip for bread when mixed with a little olive oil.

   I mostly grow Genovese basil because I think it has the best flavor for the most familiar pesto. I also make a lemon basil pesto which grows very easily in my greenhouse. I make a mediterranian pesto that is a combination of five herbs, and a very popular blend. Sage pesto is a favorite of mine. My tarragon pesto can be used as a compliment to grilled vegetables as well as many other uses. I get some requests for cilantro, summer savory, lemon thyme, arugula, and an occasional oregano pesto.

  I am no longer selling my pestos at the Lancaster Farmers Market on Saturday's, but am still taking orders for those who wish for a batch. Please contact me, or give me a ring.

   My gardens are open for viewing on request via the Contact page.