Urinary Stones (urinary calculus) 泌尿系結石(尿路結石)

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Urinary calculus is a common disease in the urinary system, including calculus of the kidney, ureteral calculus, vesical calculus & urethral calculus.

This disease incidence appears obviously in certain area.

1 Kidney stones: There is dull pain in the lower lions of the affected side, when the stones in the kidney move, a severe pain will be produced.

At the same time, it radiates along the ureter to the abdomen and the perineal region which is associated with different degrees of hematuria. If the case turns into a complicated infection, the patient may have fever & pus cells in the urine.

2 Ureteral stones: In the lumbar region there is an acute pain which is often associated with hematuria.

When the stones happen to be in the upper 1/3 part of the ureter, the pain will be in the costovertebral angle region & radiate to the part above iliac crest & external side of the abdomen.

When the stones descend, the region of pain will also come down with the pain radiating to the thigh, testicle or vulva region.

3 Vesical calculus: There is a pain in urination & the pain is often severest at the end of urination.

This pain mainly occurs in the lower abdomen & may radiate to the perineum & balanus.

Other symptoms are often difficulty of interruption in micturition & hematuria at the end of urination, urgent & frequent micturition.

4 Urethral calculus: Pain in urination, thready urination, dribbling urination, or even retention of urine may appear.


1 腎結石:患側腰后鈍痛,結石汚活動時可引起絞痛,並沿輸尿管向下腹及會陰部放射,可伴有不同程度血尿.合併感染時,可發燒,尿中有膿細胞.

2 輸尿管結石:腰部劇烈絞痛,常伴血尿. 結石在輸尿管上1/3段時,疼痛在肋脊角區,並放射到髂脊上方和腹外側.若結石下降,疼痛部位也隨之下降,並向股部,睪丸或陰唇放射.

3 膀胱結石:排尿痛,一般在排尿終末最劇烈,以下腹為主,可放射至會陰及龜頭.常有排尿困難及排尿中斷,以及終末血尿,尿急,尿頻等.

4 尿道結石:排尿痛,尿流慢,呈點滴狀,甚至尿潴留.