Prostate Enlargement(prostatic hyperplasia) 前列腺肥大

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Prostate enlargement is a very common disease that occurs in about 20% males aged over 50.

Generally, this disease is considered to be associated with the disturbance of sexual hormones.

Main points of diagnosis:

1 Frequent urination: This is a symptom at the early stage of the disease. which is obvious especially at night.

In mild cases the urination will happen 4~5 times a night and serious cases it may occur dozen of times.

2 Difficulty in urination: At the beginning, the patient has to wait for a while before urination, Later on, the obstructional condition becomes more serious, accompanied with difficulty in urination, weak and thready stream of urine, then interruption or even dribbling in urination.

3 Acute uroschesis: This symptom is due to factors such as constipation, cold, alcoholic drinking & weariness which can cause hyperemia & hydrops of the neck of the urinary bladder.

4 Urinary incontinence: When the filling of the urinary bladder reaches an extreme state & the intravesical pressure becomes higher than the resistance of the sphincter muscle of urethra, urine will dribble out continuously from the urethra.

5 Hematuria: Because of the hyperemia of the neck of urinary bladder, sometimes, hematuria may be found under microscopy or even by gross inspection.



1 尿頻:為早期症狀,尤以夜間明顯,輕者4~5次/晚,重者可達十數次.

2 排尿困難:初排尿須等侯,以后隨阻塞加重使排尿費力,尿流無力,變細,並有中斷,甚至呈點滴排出.

3 急性尿滯留:由于便秘,寒冷,飲酒,勞累等使膀胱充血,水腫而使尿滯留.

4 尿失禁:當膀胱極度充尿,膀胱內壓高于尿道括約肌阻力時,可有尿洩漏.

5 血尿:由于膀胱頸充血,有時用顯微鏡檢或肉眼可發現血尿.