Peptic Ulcer 消化性潰瘍

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Peptic ulcer occurs most frequently in the stomach and duodenum. Its possibly related to stress, meals not on time, too much hungry or too much full.

Gastric ulcer occurs predominantly in the lesser curvatuse and pyloric part. Duodenal ulcer mostly occurs in the duodenal bulb. The coexistence of gastric and duodenal ulcers is called complex ulcer.

Peptic ulcers are more frequently found in males than females, and inclined to attack the young and middle-aged groups, but gastric ulcers usually occurs later than duodenal ulcer.

Main points of diagnosis:

1 Symptoms: Cardinal symptom of the disease is chronic epigastralgia which is marked by dull pain or pinching pain.

Sometimes it is manifested as distending pain or burning pain. Which often radiates to the lumbar region or the back. The pains are closely related to meals.

The rule of attack in gastric ulcer is food intake„³pain„³ remission, while in duodenal ulcer the rule is pain„³food intake„³remission.

The pain occurs periodically and is often induced by coldness, fatigue and improper food intake.

Other symptoms include acid regurgitating, belching, nausea and vomiting. In a few cases, perforation or bleeding may be the first clinical findings.

2 Signs: In active ulcer, there is often tenderness in he middle and upper abdominal regions.

Tenderness on the left side of upper gastric region is found in gastric ulcer, while in duodenal ulcer it is found on the right side, often localized in 3-4cm.

Ulcer in the posterior wall may have pain hypersensitive area on the back at T11-12 level.




1 症狀:主要症狀為慢性上腹疼痛.為隱性鈍痛或刺痛.有時為脹痛或燒灼痛,常放射到腰背部.疼痛與進食有較密切關係.


2 症狀:在潰瘍活動期,中上腹常有壓痛區.胃潰瘍在上腹中綫偏左,十二指腸潰瘍在中綫偏右,多局限于3~4cm.后璧潰瘍在背部T10~12胸椎旁可有皮膚過敏區.





通常胃溃疡的规律为进食 陈k痛 鱼w解;而十二指肠溃疡则为疼痛 雀i食 鱼w解.疼痛常呈周期性,常因寒冷,疲劳,饮食不当所诱发.