Knee Pain 膝關節痛

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Among persons over the age of 50 or so, chronic knee pain is usually due to osteoarthritis, a wearing away of the cartilage that cushions the knee.

Obesity increase the risk of knee problem;

Some of the more common causes and their manifestations include:

1 Arthritis, which is marked by gradually worsening pain and difficulty using the knee. Inflammation often develops, which accelerates the joint destruction.

2 Infection, in which bacteria or other organisms invade the joint and cause severe inflammation, swelling, pain and often fever and chills.

3 Kneecap injuries and disorders, which range from a fractured patella to softening and wearing away of the knee cartilage.

4 Tendinitis and bursitis, which are especially common among runners and persons who kneel a lot or engage in other activities that stress the knee tendons, ligament, and bursas.

5 Torn ligament, in which there is sudden, severe pain, swelling, and joint instability.



1 關節炎,使膝因發炎退化引起痛楚及難動.

2 感染,由細菌或其他有機物引起關節嚴重發炎使腫痛,發燒發冷.

3 膝蓋受損及難控制,使膝軟骨組織漸失.

4 膝腱炎及瘀,常發生于跑步員或用膝活動多使肌腱,韌帶僵硬,發瘀.

5 撕裂韌帶,使突然腫痛關節難動.