Eczema 濕疹

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Eczema is a kind of common allergic inflammatory dermatosis.

It is divided into three kind:

1 Acute Eczema: The onset of this disease is sudden & severe. Its inflammation is obvious.

The eczema often occurs on some parts of the skin or in symmetrical distribution, a certain parts of the skin becomes diffusely reddish, severe itching & feel burn, then clusters of papulae, blister appear, with erosions, exudations & crust formations, & flnaly fine scaly desquamation & pigmentation will appear.

2 Subacute Eczema: In three weeks of acute eczema attacks, inflammatory reactions will become lessened.

The condition tend to be stable, the skin kesions mainly include papulae, scabs & scales.

There are only a few blisters & mild erosions, & itch is weaker than that at the acute stage.

3 Chronic Eczema: If eczema has a long resistance to treatment, or attacks repeatedly it can become chronic eczema.

At the lesion part, the skin will become thick, rough &has pigmentation. It is indurated on palpation.

Or there are patchy, scaly desquamations or lichenoid skin lesions. Papulae, blisters, infiltration, exudation may appear on the affected part of skin while it is irritated.

The skin often becomes moist & oozes liquid. Itching is mild. This disease has a chronic course. It can last for many years.


1 急性濕疹:發病急劇,炎症明顯,常局部或對稱發病,先呈慢性潮紅,繼而出現密集丘疹群水疱,糜爛,渗出,結痂,最后出現脫屑和色素沉着.

2 亞急性濕疹:急性濕疹三週以后,炎症反應減輕,病情趨向穩定.皮損以丘疹,痂皮,鱗屑為主,僅有少量水疱和輕度糜爛,瘙癢較急性輕.

3 慢性濕疹: 濕疹久治不愈,或反復發作而延變成慢性濕疹,皮損處皮膚肥厚粗糙,有色素沉着,觸之較硬,或呈現脫屑性皮块,或出現苔癬病變.