Chronic Prostatitis 慢性前列腺炎

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Chronic Prostatitis is very common disease of the urinary system in the young & middle-aged male patients.

The disease is usually a secondary infection of acute prostatitis or posterior urethritis.

Sometimes, it may also be a secondary infection of the upper respiratory tract or mouth cavity.

The common pathogens are staphylococcus, streptococcus, colibacillus, etc.

It is often induced or get worse by excessive alcoholic drinking, injury of the perineum, excessive or dirty or anal sexual intercourses.

Main points of diagnosis:

1 Urinary symptoms: There is frequent & urgent urination, pain in micturition & uncomfortable urination or a burning feeling in micturition.

At the end of urination or in moving the bowels, there is some sticky liquid dripping from the urethra.

2 Pain: There is dull or distending pain in the perineum & inside the rectum.

The pain may radiate to the lumbosacral portion, the hip, the thigh, the testicle, the groin, etc.

3 Disturbance of sexual function: It is marked by sexual hypoesthesia, impotence, prospermia, pain in ejaculation, hemospermia, nocturnal emission, etc.




1 排尿症狀:尿頻,尿急,尿痛,排尿不適或灼痛,排尿終末或大便時尿道有白色粘液滴出.

2 疼痛:會陰或直腸內有隱痛或脹痛,可向腰骶,髖部,大腿,睪丸及腹股溝等處放射.

3 性機能紊亂:性慾減退,陽痿,早泄,射精時疼痛,血精,遺精等.