Chronic Nephritis 慢性腎炎

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Chronic nephritis is an allergic disease caused by a wide variety of etiological factors.

Only a small % of cases are obviously due to the progression of acute nephritis.

The majority of patients with chronic nephritis have no history of acute nephritis.

The disease is common in young adults and middle-aged people.

Main points of diagnosis: There are three types of chronic nephritis according to the clinical features.

1 Common type: The course of this type is persistent. The quantitative examination of urinary protein is at a range between 1.5g~3.5g/day. Patients may have hypertension, hematuria, cylinduria and decrease of renal function.

2 Nephrotic type: In addition to the features of the common type, quantitative examination of urinary protein is greater than 3.5g/day, the serum albumin is less than 3.5g/day. Marked edema is the characteristic feature of this type.

3 Hypertensive type: a persistent hypertension is the predominant manifestation of this type of chronic nephritis besides the features of the common type.




診斷要點: 根據臨床表現,本病可分為三型

1 普通型:病程較遲延,尿蛋白定量在1.5g~3.5g/日之間,可有血壓增高,血尿,管型尿和腎功能減退.

2 腎病型:除上述普通型特點外,尿蛋白定量>3.5g/日,血漿蛋白<3.5g/日,總蛋白降低,浮腫多較明顯.

3 高血壓型:除上述普通型特點外,常以持續性中度以上高血壓為突出表現.