Chronic Bronchitis 慢性支氣管炎

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The disease is a chronic inflammation of bronchi due to infection, physical and chemical irritations and allergic agents.

The majority of the patients are of over middle age. It is characterized by chronic course and recurrent episodes.

In some chronic cases, the disease may progress to chronic obstructive emphysema and chronic pulmonary heart disease. Main points of diagnosis:

1 Long-term cough, sputum production and dyspnea which attack repeatedly and flunctuate are worse in autumn and winter. There may be fever, exacerbation of cough and mucopurulent sputum production, and dyspnea is more marked if acute concurrent infection is present.

2 Chronic bronchitis usually persists for many years. It can be classified into 3 stages, acute rpisodic stage, chronic persistent stage and clinically remissive stage.

The last stage may last for a period of time and an attack may be induced by infection or catching a cold, the disease can be divided into simple chronic bronchitis and chronic asthmatic bronchitis. In the former, cough and sputum production are predominant.

In the latter, in addition to the above symptoms, there are dyspnea and wheezing, indicating that the spasm of the smooth muscles of bronchi and bronchioli is an important pathogenetic factor.


患者以中年以上居多.臨床上以病情遲延,反復發作為其特點,久病者常引起慢性阻塞性肺氣腫和慢性肺心病. 診斷要點:

1 長期反復發作的咳嗽,咳痰和喘息,病情時輕時重,秋冬季發作頻繁.合併急性感染者可有發熱,咳嗽加劇,咳膿性和粘性痰,喘息症狀明顯加重.