Breast Pain 乳房脹痛

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1Breast pain is common and in many women¡¦s breast become achy, heavy, or sore a week or so before their menstrual periods start. This is called cyclic pain.

2Noncyclic breast pain, which is not associated with a women¡¦s periods, is usually described as sharp or burning.

This pain usually occurs on one side only; it may go up towards the armpit; and it may come and go.

Pain in one spot that does not go away should be checked by a health professional. Stress, caffeine use, estrogen therapy, and the use of tranquilizers and other medications can make breast pain worse.

3Hyperplasia of lobular mammary gland: There disease is commonly seen in 30~40 aged females, the course is prolonged, it may last several years.

There are often a number of tenacious nodules of different sizes formed simultaneously or successively in both breasts.

These nodules may scatter all around the breast or can be localized in a certain area. There is neither distinct border line between them and the surrounding tissues nor adhesion between them and the skin or deep tissues.

They can be moved freely in a fairly large range. The size of these lumps vary along with the change of the patient¡¦s mood.

When the patient is in a bad mood she will have an obvious distending pain and tenderness at the location of nodules in the breast. And when the patient is happen they reduce.

In the premenstrual periods, they become bigger and serious painful, then in the post menstrual period they get smaller.