Anorexia 厭食症

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in a society where (thin is in) many of us have tried skipping meals or going on diets to loss weight.

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder of severe self-imposed dieting. It affects teenage girls most often.

Symptoms include first tried skipping meals then step by step refusing to eat and later loss of appetite to feel guilty after eat;

Delayed treatment may result in emaciation, malnutrition and mild anemia, hypoproteinnemia, deficiency of vitamins or mineral substances; some of them accompanied with digestion problems such as frequent vomiting, abdominal distention and uncomfortable feeling, sour and fetid stool or constipation,

General problems such as headaches and dizziness, palpitation, loss of menstrual periods severe then may be sterility, mental fatigue, and excessive exercise, hypersensitivity, poor tolerance to the sound and light,

And psychic problems such as mood & behaviour change such as irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, vexation, insomnia, dreaminess, waking up easily, distractibility and bad memory, the emotion is easy to be changed, restlessness, low self-esteem, then may be self separation to her society.